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Welcome to Smudge Books’ retail site! Our eStore currently features used and antique books, as well as various collectibles. However, we are able to source almost ANY book you might be looking for - new, used, rare, out-of-print, bestseller, academic, and more! We aim to beat list prices for on-sale volumes. Give us a try: email editor@smudgebooks.com We accept payment by e-transfer and card, the latter over the phone only. After filling your cart, please submit the order, and we will shortly be in touch to confirm shipping and take payment. Shipping: free delivery within Lethbridge, AB city limits. Outside of Lethbridge, we will ship across Canada and world-wide at competitive rates. Your shipping cost will be calculated after you submit your order, and then promptly communicated to you. Orders may be cancelled prior to finalizing payment if the rate is not to your liking. Return policy: in general, all items are final sale. However, if you receive a product not as described, please contact us so we can find a resolution: editor@smudgebooks.com

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